Melania Trump Files $40 Million Defamation Suit Against Michelle Obama

Melania Trump has grown tired of Michelle Obama’s defamatory attacks against her. Her lawyers have filed a $40 million defamation suit in Federal court over it.

According to our source at Mar a Lago, Melania has been increasingly irritable as Michelle ramps up the insults. Apparently, she really took offense at being called a “cheap, three-dollar hooker.”

She was also not fond of the term “gold digger,” and really hates it when Michelle shows the pictures of her before the plastic surgery, when she still looked, as Michelle put it, “fairly human.”

All of these attacks and insults have caused the former first lady a bunch of unwanted stress. Her handlers say she’s even having a hard time performing her wifely duties for the President.

Just last week, someone told someone else that they heard from someone that Trump went nearly four hours without his Diet Coke. That is truly just unacceptable. Trump is trying to secretly run the country here, and nothing should stand in his way.

Therefore, Melania Trump needs to put Michelle Obama in her place, sooner than later, so the real first couple can get back to governing.

The case will be heard in the 198th Federal Court of Cases. God bless America.

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