Obama to Defend View Hosts Against Rittenhouse Lawsuit


The Kyle Rittenhouse lawsuit against Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg came as a moderate shock to those paying attention to the news.   Not only do The View hosts have nothing whatsoever to do with the case, it’s pretty much frowned upon to sue the fourth estate, yes, even The View for reporting or discussing news.

“Then again, all of you teabaggers are IDIOTS!”

Anyway, back to conservative dreamland.  With Kyle’s huge lawsuit pushing forwards, one man has stepped up to defend his liberal pals in the media.  One lawyer.  One Chosen Figure.

That figure Is, of course, Barack Obama.  As a functioning lawyer whom all the backwoods thundertwats believe is “disbarred” for various youtube-ey reasons, the two-term, I repeat, TWO term former President aims to right a ridiculous wrong with every power at his disposal.

Sandy Batt of the Heratige Foundation spoke on the matter from a massage table at the Rumbling Rubber this last Friday.

“Obama was disbarred quite some time ago, along with his wife, this I know because it was on several memes.  That’s really all I need.  Obama also isn’t American so he can’t try an American case.  Plus, there’s double jeopardy.  That poor Kyle boy can’t be hauled into court again for the same thing.  Period, end of story.”

Batt was then re-told that it was Rittenhouse who initiated the lawsuit.

“Okay, well that part’s fine then, I guess.  Obama is still part of the Deep State and is therefore destined by Jesus and John F. Kennedy Jr. to lose his attempt.  Enjoy those Jew lasers, liberals.”

Nope, nope. They’re still all focused on Olive Gardens.

The case is set to begin sometime early on November 31st, and is predicted to last well into December.  The only coverage of it’s happenings is set to be televised on the Newsmax and OAN networks.  Fox News has declined in order to continue it’s constant drone whistle of vaguely undercover racism and dipshittery.

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