Obama Claims It Will Be Him – Not Trump – Who Is Reinstated Next Month

Former President Barack Obama says the “conspiracy theories” out there about Trump being reinstated to the presidency on August 29th are “ludicrous misreadings of signals these imbeciles don’t understand.”

According to Obama himself, during an anonymous podcast, there will be a change of power at the White House, but it won’t have anything to do with Trump:

“JFK Junior is coming for sure, but he won’t be the VP, and the transfer won’t be an overthrow. My good friend Joe has decided that the 29th will be the day we allow the globalists to enact the New World Order. I will be installed as the first Prime Minister of the United States, a position I will hold for life. Joe will still be president — albeit in name only — and Trump will still be nobody.”

That doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me, Patriots. If Obama takes over then Trump will never get back to the White House.

I mean…he was never gonna get there anyway, let’s face it, but still…Obama? In charge of everything?

Unfortunately, the Canadian and Mexican governments have already announced that after the transition, they’ll be handed a list of all Trump voters, and they’ll be banished from their countries, so it looks like we’ll be stuck here, most likely until they enact Shakira law and put us all in UN FEMA camps.

We had a good run, patriots.

God bless America.


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Flagg Eagleton is the son of an American potato farmer and a patriot. After spending 4 years in the Navy and 7 on welfare picking himself up by the bootstraps, Flagg finally got his HVAC certificate and is hard at work keeping the mobile homes of Tallahassee at a comfy 83 degrees.

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