Michelle to Promote Critical Race Theory in School Speech Tour


Michelle Obama is known as one of the hardest working former First Ladies in history.  With her massively successful books, social activism, and work with the Obama Foundation to promote implantation of 5g microchips in the population, it seems like her days never end.

Now the popular icon is taking up the cause of the currently much-maligned critical race theory courses that have come under fire recently, thanks to Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, Breitbart, and the endless number of Facebook shitpages for trumpers who refuse to report the successes of the Biden administration, and instead, are focusing on a nearly 50 year old school course that nobody could care less about for nearly 50 years.  No, I said nearly 50 YEARS.

Just to give you some perspective, 50 years ago, this was a Disney superhero. And we liked it.

Critical race theory examines racial issues as they have, and do apply, to the justice and social caste systems in the United States.  Sandy Batt of the group Frightening Seniors About Confronting Racism says the class syllabus has been laughably twisted by right wing media.

“It has nothing to do with ’embarrassing kids about their country’.  It’s about examining real historical effects of racism on current events and our nation’s beginnings. Trumpers hate being told that racism existed because most of them grew up around it and feel comfortable feeling superior.

The Tulsa Massacre happened.  Slavery happened.  Segregation happened.  What, are we supposed to just leave the history books blank during those eras?”

“Couldn’t we just replace it with a class on what filthy whores women showing their ankles are?”

Much of the hype stems from an older Boomer crowd being sold the idea that Donald Trump had a time machine that could take them all back to the 50’s when America was “Great.”  Trump did not have such a machine.

Mrs. Obama, whom many of the lame-humored twatburgers with colostomy bags and pubic hair beards like to pretend is a “man” because they’re simultaneously racist, bigoted, and unfunny, will be starting her tour next month.  Make sure you oil up grandpa’s rascal scooter for the protests.

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