Obama To Speak At Official Benghazi Memorial Hiking Trail Dedication

The truth is right there in front of you

Former President Barack Hussein Obama will be attending and speaking at the Benghazi memorial hiking trail dedication later this month.  The trail will be to honor the “tireless work” that Hillary Clinton did during the Benghazi raid in 2011.  This is a slap in the face to those we lost in Benghazi.

The hiking trail is 4 miles long, one mile for each person lost in Benghazi. It’s said to be one of Hillary’s favorite walks, as she’s an avid walker. “What a better place to commemorate the lives lost in Benghazi than this beautiful area, to reflect and remember that day so long ago” Clinton said. She’s extremely happy that it will be former President Barack Obama to do the honorary dedication of the trail, as she served as Secretary of State under Obama.

The festivities will include food, rides and games that will be fun for the entire family. There will be traditional Benghazi dishes served to mark the memorial trail’s namesake. There will be face painting for the children as well, and speeches that will mark Clinton’s time as Secretary of State as a success. So many activities will be centered around Clinton.

Families of the four fallen Americans are being asked to attend, yet none have said they will attend. Trail boss Joe Barron has reached out to them personally to no avail. “I can’t believe they don’t appreciate the gesture here” Barron said. “We’re trying to honor their memories with face painting and puzzles, it’s a beautiful celebration, and conservatives should be happy we’re even acknowledging them”.

What’s really going to outrage conservatives is that Obama and Hillary are taking part in the festivities. They’ve feigned outrage about Benghazi for 10 years, pretending that 9/11, coronavirus and mass shootings never happened. They will scream Benghazi from the rooftops, but now, they can hit the trail and be mad about it this way. Remember Benghazi!

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