Obama Smashes First Brick for Border Wall Demolition Photo Op


Although former President Trump promised a “big beautiful wall on our southern border that Mexico would pay for,” that plan had only come to fruition in an infancy stage.  A few mere miles of new barrier were actually built, since the Democrats managed to stall, deflect, and then eventually defeat the beleaguered leader before he could truly provide the country with the invasion protection it so desperately needs.

Last week, in what amounted to a childish and obnoxious show of hubris, current immigration-loving President Joe Biden approved a ceremonial spectacle in Sheeprubber, Texas, to begin demolition and dismantling of the first portion of the doomed wall, and encouraged the media to attend as none other than socialist Barack Obama himself was photographed taking the first shot.

Obama, seen here at the destruction site, escorts Oprah Winfrey to a taxpayer funded caviar and quinoa buffet.

Obama, like many others on the radical left, was a solid opponent of the border wall’s initial construction, considering it a massive waste of money for a cartoonish solution to a minor problem.  According to historian and Obama biographer Sandy Batt, the Netflix millionaire was overjoyed to “stick it to Trump, his political enemy.”

“Like most Americans with an IQ score greater than the number of albums released by Aldo Nova, Obama knew that Trump was a ridiculous dimwit full of idiotic so-called ‘solutions’ to problems, that came from Road Runner shows and cocaine binges.  You could see the pure joy on his face when he smashed that first brick with a little cry of triumph.  I’m sure there will be a lot of Butthurt Trumpy Milk stirred into his morning coffee for quite some time.”

The ceremony was covered by every major news outlet and mostly ignored by channels like Fox, Newsmax, and OAN, all of whom have never “broken” an actual news story or accurately “reported” anything whatsoever.

This display is assumed to be only the first of many intended to humiliate Trump and his supporters.  All in all, it’s just another brick in his fall.

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