Obama’s White House Office And Security To Cost $35 Million Yearly

The truth is right there in front of you

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) calculated the cost of former president Barack Obama to be an advisor to Joe Biden recently, and the cost was astounding.

If Biden stays in office his full four-year term, Obama will cost the taxpayers $141 million dollars, about $35 million per fiscal year. This includes the security of taking Obama on his golfing trips, which will run around $600,000 per event.

The cost of Obama being back in the White House was at the center of a heated argument in the senate chambers, as Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) was arguing against even having Obama in Washington DC, let alone his own office wing in the people’s house.

“His golf trips alone will cost the taxpayers more than most of their yearly salaries!!!” he cried, completely red with anger as he felt this man was defiling our White House.

Obama certainly knows how to spend some money in government, with all the golf outings and vacations and having the military fuel at his own airports in Ireland to reap the benefits of those big-government free money situations. 

Even having people stay at his Obama branded hotels. The grift was always strong with him. Even having his daughters on the payroll at the White House. They aren’t even white!!! This is a travesty!

We spoke to CBO head Joseph Barron and he agreed. This was just too much. It made no sense to him either, as it was actually Donald Trump grifting the American people and our government, but by simply switching the name and accusing Obama of all of the shady shit Trump did, insanely stupid Trump cultists will run with it, even knowing full well that Obama has no hotels, but it sounds good.

Sounds like something to clutch your pearls to and walk into a church and pray for it to stop, even though we stopped it when we threw Trump out of office.

But it’s ok. You’ll persist that it was actually all Obama’s fault, and having absolutely no proof that Obama has even been near the White House since Inauguration Day or had an office after completing his second term in 2017, you’re gonna get mad and complain and puff your chest and pretend that Donald Trump was like Jesus, but only oranger.

We get it. You don’t, though. God bless America.

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