Hawaii To Rename Island After Obama


Although he’s been out of office for over four years, Barack Obama remains one of the most popular American figures in the country, as well as the country’s history.  Efforts continue all around the United States to pay tribute to his achievements, including covering millions of Americans with health care insurance, saving the auto industry, and bringing us back from the Republican Great Depression.

Although, according to Dinesh D’Souza, the economic crash was caused by Democrat cavemen in the year 26 B.C.

One of those efforts is about to bear fruit. Obama’s home state of Hawaii will be renaming one of it’s minor islands for the ex-leader this coming May in a gala month-long ceremony to be televised, live-streamed, and audio broadcasted across the world, a celebration of a man and his works that made America Great In the First Place.

Sandy Batt of the Waka Waka Watta Krocka Island committee told media sources that as the state’s Favorite Son, Obama deserved the high honor and praise.

“President Obama was one of the best to ever hold office, and he came from right here in Hawaii.  Our celebration will be festive and hearty, and will serve to remind the citizens of the United States of the importance of true leadership.

We also extend a special welcome to residents of the State of New York for the festivities.  Serving as the home for the worst of all American mistakes, Donald Trump, is a hard burden to bear. We will offer a 20% discount to any New Yorker who urinates on a Trump flag or sign upon arrival.”

Unfortunately, the current Duke of New York will not attend due to an assassination attempt that removed him from the A-number 1 spot.

The island to be re-christened, Niihau, is a privately-owned piece of land, sometimes called “The Forbidden Island.”  It received the moniker after a polio epidemic in the 50’s when it’s owners required a clean bill of health for entry.  As a result, it remained unstricken.

In a similar fashion, visitors to the renamed “Obama Island” will be asked to provide proof of the Covid vaccine before entry.  Batt remarked about that too.

“We don’t need Trump’s plague on Obama Island.  This isn’t a place for the failings of traitorous losers.”

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