Netflix Reboot of ‘The Wiz’ to Feature Obama In Title Role


Another huge announcement came this month from streaming network giant Netflix regarding an all-new “re-imagining” of a classic musical smash.  The afro-American centered 1978 hit “The Wiz”, written by legends Quincy Jones and Sandy Batt will be “easing it’s way on down” to a smart TV near you sometime during the summer of 2021.

Which is about the same time Pat Robertson will be starting the second fungus farm on his balls.

Netflix certainly isn’t starving for star power, with an assembled cast impressive enough to convince any Jackson to set his hair on fire.  Boasting songstress and Black Lives Matter icon Beyonce in the role of Dorothy, new covers of old numbers like “Be a Lion”, “Believe in Yourself”, and #1 Billboard soundtrack smash “Eye of the Tiger” are certain to wow even the most trumptarded of flying monkeys.

The cast is rounded out by a parade of star black actors including Denzel Washington as the Tin Man, controversial thespian Jussy Smolett as the Cowardly Lion, Whoopi Goldberg in a turn as the Scarecrow, and the only Caucasian cast member, 21 Jump Street’s Johnny Depp as “Toto.”

Rumors are swirling that the villainous role of the “Wicked Witch of the West” will be played by a special-effect enhanced Don Cheadle, his most outstanding part since portraying “Guy No One Cares About” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Obama was approached last year to take the starring role once played by comedy blockbuster Richard Pryor.  According to close friend trillionaire philanthropist George Soros, he was: “Overjoyed to be considered to fill such a legendary pair of shoes in such an important slice of Black history.”  Soros actually capitalized the word “black” as he spoke.

Soros is currently building his own Jurassic Park with over 75 Gameras. And 3 Sarah Huckabees.

Netflix’s exclusive partnership with the beloved ex-President seems to be paying off quite well. It just goes to show that when you didn’t embarrass the country and get impeached twice for continuing to be a lifelong criminal, he success will come back to you.  Dancing down a yellow brick road.

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