Obama : ‘Joe Has Done More in a Week Than Trump In 4 Years’


Former President Barack Obama let the hammer fall with a resounding bang this week, blasting his successor Donald Trump while giving props to his former partner President Joe Biden.  The popular pol, bestselling author, and elder statesman let loose with a blazing critique of the twice-impeached nationwide embarrassment before a crowd of hundreds.

The same circumstances under which Jim Jordan violently masturbates.

Obama had been giving a speech in the luxurious ballroom of the Joe Barron Institute for Children With Tails in Lower Queefingham, Kentucky, when he began to shift away from the subject of medical charity about forty-five minutes into the oration.

“Let me tell you something I’m sure you all already know, since everyone’s IQ is over 14.  Trump was not only the worst President this country has ever had concerning the health and welfare of the American people, but he was the worst in absolutely every way.  My friend, Joe Biden, has done more good for the citizens of the United States than that backwards-ass Baby Huey-lookin’ dipshit did during his four wasted years.  I’m genuinely surprised anyone anywhere still has change in their pockets after living through that con man’s reign.  I’ll tell you straight up, Donald Trump was the ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ of Presidents.”

“Because all you teabaggers are IDIOTS!”

Obama’s rant didn’t stop there, lasting a full half hour and covering a first lady, Melania Trump, whom he described as “useless, clueless, and classless”, as well as Trump’s staff, who were called : “fat old white racists that no one else would hire, listen to, or keep on a feeding tube in the real world.”

Biden has indeed made a real dent during his premiere days in the office, signing more executive orders in his first month than any other President in history.  But his supporters seem to understand that cleaning up after the absolute shitshow left by Donald Trump requires a lot of mops as quickly as possible so his stain doesn’t set in.

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