Obama Challenges Trump to a ‘Post-Presidential Debate’

Former liar-in-chief, Barack Obama, has issued a challenge to Donald Trump to meet him on the debate stage for a “friendly competition to see who learned more from being president.”

According to a source close to Obama’s former housekeeper, poor Barack has been seething for years over Trump’s presidency and how he tried to destroy “his” country.

“This is how he thinks he can get back at him. He wants to humiliate him on a public stage,” said the pal, “and he won’t let up until Trump agrees.”

Experts agree that the best way for Obama to engage Trump would be to taunt him on Twitter. Trump, who lurks under the handle “45isstillalive,” would be able to see Obama laughing at him publicly and wouldn’t be able to respond and call him names.

Trump’s only course of action would be to agree to the debate.

A friend of Obama’s daughter’s college roommate says she personally heard Obama tell his wife that his plan would be simple:

“He said he would most likely let Trump answer the questions, and just stand there laughing at him. No matter what he says. Just laugh.”

Experts agree that the tactic would be effective against trump, whose debate strategies include yelling, interrupting, making a scene, and flinging poo.

The Presidential Debate Committee says it wants nothing to do with this debacle. Las Vegas sports books have Obama plus 157.

God Bless America.

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