Obama Interview : ‘Crazy Trumpers Are Still Crying Over Benghazi’


A lot of the people who follow the dictum of the radical left don’t seem to have much respect for the average patriotic American deplorable.  Some say it’s because the Trunp supporter typically can’t see reason and lives in a cult-like irrational fantasy world.  Some say it’s because “deplorable” is a word that means “douchebag.”

The latter of which is Kirk Cameron’s born again Christian name.

For whatever the reason, former President Barack Obama just recently made himself the target of ire from quite a few Trump-loving inbred walking piss clams after a one-on-one interview with CNN’s Sandy Batt last weekend.

“Do you know that these ah…folks…a lot of these folks still think Trump can win the election. I mean, you’ve shown them over and over that they lost.  It doesn’t matter.  What do you call that?  I call it crazy.  These are crazy people still crying over Benghazi and Hillary’s emails, and probably the friggin Titanic.  Wouldn’t surprise me.”

Obama’s disparaging remarks refer to the last-ditch fantasy idea that during the house ceremony to declare a formal President on January 6th, one elector could object, needing only one senator to affirm it, and Mike Pence would cast his vote to break the tie.  However, this would actually only result in a vote with both houses, in which, Democrats would certainly not go along.

Such an occurrence would not only embarrass the, there’s no other way to put it, little bitch of a man Donald Trump yet again, and enrage majority leader Mitch McConnell, who would summarily ruin the career of the Republican dumb enough to confirm.

Vegas odds are split between Ted Cruz and her majesty here.

In a recent poll, the majority of Americans with indoor plumbing and kindergarten graduation certificates agree that Obamas opinion is dead-on balls accurate.  After the interview in it’s entirety was released to the foreign press, America’s favorite leader from Hawaii was nominated 22 more times for yet another Nobel prize.

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