Fox News to Debut Michelle Show in February


It was bound to happen.  We have all watched through the last year as the previously “fair and balanced” Fox News network became more and more liberal and less supportive of President Trump and his increasingly manic episodes. Now they’re coming full half-circle by featuring former Democratic first lady and bestselling author Michelle Obama in a prime-time program starting in February of 2021.

Judge Jeanine Pirro will relinquish her time slot and concentrate on scraping Hannity’s fluids off the studio bathroom walls.

Although the acquisition of parent company Disney affected only Fox’s entertainment wing, (Which means Storm is now a Disney princess), the network seems to have bowed to irresistible pressure to stop trying to find twists in logic to explain away the former President Trump’s erratic behavior and irrational statements.  Nowadays it’s almost like only Judge Jeannine Pirro and Sean Hannity are stretching out friendly ball-licking tongues.

The new program, “Thanks, Obama!”, will be a nightly hour-long roundup of news stories, public interest, and continued humiliation of all throwbacks still delusional about Trump being “cheated” or “successful in the Presidency.”  Producer Sandy Batt gave a little detail to publication Entertainment Queefly.

“The first lady will begin with an opinion segment, which mostly all Fox shows do, because we haven’t had any actual journalism here, ever.  In our attempt to transition from fairy tale porn for the elderly to a window on the world for a far more intelligent left-leaning younger social class, Mrs. Obama will also review the newest tech gadgets, vape flavors, and YouTube influencers.  Every show will end with ‘Today’s Trumptard’, a feature focused on a single outstanding moron saying or doing something stupid.  We’re projecting a massive audience and profit now that all the real schizo social security boomer mutants are moving to Newsmax and OAN.  They’re like having cameras on an episode of Romper Room filmed in an asylum.”

Watching Newsmax is like having Nicolas Cage scream about communist kids and their satanic rap music in 80-year old’s hearing aids all day.

Mrs. Obama’s program will also feature guests for interviews and opinions throughout its run. Scheduled to appear during the first month are singers Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen, actor Alec Baldwin, and anti-Pepsi Cola activist Mitt Romney.

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