Obama Will Have His Own Office In Biden White House

It’ll be like Obama 2.0!!!!

Former President Barack Obama is a good friend to Joe Biden. Biden was Obama’s Vice President. Now Obama will have his own office in the White House as an advisor to the president.

The move is not only controversial but may have legal ramifications as well. It would be the first time an ex-president took an office inside of the White House.

Obama’s tenure as president was an administration wrapped in scandal and controversy. Conservatives knew all of the grifting going on, and illegal activity with hip hop rap stars coming in and out of the White House.

There were rumors of marijuana use by Snoop Dogg and rap concerts going on. Will Obama continue to use the White House to entertain hip hop stars again?

Several Republicans have raised alarms about the former president having an office in the White House. Having Barack Obama back in some sort of capacity won’t be good for them. They’re already angry about having to answer to a woman of color as the Vice President.

Two people that won’t take their sh*t is a step too far for these ignorant, hateful dinosaurs that somehow keep getting re-elected even though they’ve literally done nothing except using their constituents as piggy banks.

Obama having his own office at the White House could mean Obama’s agenda will be taking shape once again. This is not acceptable. Healthcare for all, treating Americans fairly, and treating those who come to America looking for a better future like actual citizens Is simply unAmerican.

That is if being American means being greedy heartless scumbags, which is exactly what conservative America is!

People like Joe Barron and Sandy Batt are outraged. How could this happen? First Biden/Harris winning and then the possibility of Obama having access to the White House?

That’s not MAGA! It’s the direct opposite of MAGA!!! Won’t someone think of the stupid people! More pearls to clutch!!!!! God Needs To Bless America again!!!!

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