New ‘O Foundation’ To Combat ‘Fake Legal Challenges’


In an official press-release last week, the byline read : “We have seen a need for honesty and transparency, and we will fulfill it.” The “need” being referred to is oversight and penalties for frivolous lawsuits stemming from political libel, slander, and fakery.

“I want a recount of how many cousins I can marry!”

The newly formed “O Foundation”, the brainchild of former President and entrepreneur Barack Obama promises to address the exploding problem of nonsensical and ridiculous politically-motivated claims being brought to court and/or into the American justice system in general.

Although the survey of the foundation intends to be wide-ranging, some pundits, like Newsmax fluffer Sandy Batt, are positive the group is aimed squarely at the Trump administration.

“This so-called foundation is an insult and a travesty committed against the Trump administration. In fact, it’s illegal, and the former President and his so-called lawyers should sue. They should take it directly to the Supreme court, in fact.

It is not illegal to make batshit crazy claims with no basis or evidence and then tie up the courts and waste valuable time investigating and accusing people or agencies of irrational deeds. It’s just enormously douchbeaggy.

And you may view Mr. Trump and his followers as the king and court of douchebags, but levelling more severe penalties against their God-given rights to cry and beg for public attention is wrong. We will sue them until they are all locked up in Gitmo.”

The Obama’s have set up a system including many legal scholars, lawyers, and judges who will donate time and funding in order to press for stiff fines and even prison sentences for anyone lying about even a cause to bring a case before court.

According to their proposal, Rudy Guliani And, indeed, much of Trump’s staff would be subject to immediate sentencing and imprisonment.

Sean Spicer is already sorting his “turn on my former boss in court” outfits.

Some experts are questioning of this “Minority Report” solution of determining which cases are massive piles of bullshit before they’re tried, but others, weary of the bulbous orangutan’s four years of blabbercrap support it. All hail the mighty O Foundation.

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