Michelle’s Race Documentary Debuts at #1 On Netflix


The Obama’s lucrative deal with streaming media giant Netflix has been paying off very well for the former First couple since it’s inception.  With profits from Barack and Michelle’s producing, directing, and screenwriting credits totaling into the hundreds of millions of dollars, nobody in that family will be forced into eating Ramen noodles anytime soon.

We’re looking at the $30 linguini from Red Lobster now. Die mad.

November of 2020 is no exception.  With all the election hubbub and Trump plague anxieties aside, the First lady’s foray into documentary production has soared to success, with the number one most-viewed spot on Netflix, a host of awards including the prodigious Joe Barron Hardcore Journalism Prize, and soon-to-come merchandising sales.

The film, entitled : “Racists – How Teabaggers and Trump Are Them” has surpassed the popularity of previous hits on the Network like “Stranger Things”, “Orange is the New Black”, and smash 80’s Judd Nelson favorite “From The Hip.”

Academy award rumors have begun to swirl around Hollywood circles, and many political insiders agree that it serves as further proof that the presidential couple is far more intelligent and accomplished than their successors, the Trumps, are, or will ever be, as they careen towards a future of prison, bankruptcy, and most likely, drug addiction.

The documentary is a culmination of footage obtained over the last four years, collected from various congregations of conservative republicans and Trump-supporting halfwits across the United States, and provides an eye-opening view of how colossolly ignorant and mentally twisted these people are.

One Trump “rally” is revealed as an undercover methamphetamine distribution operation behind the scenes, while another served as a backdrop for a group of neo-nazi planning meetings directly underneath the stage where the impeached leader was speaking.

It’s also revealed that at least one member of Lynyrd Skynyrd was stationed at either end of the stage at all times.

According to early critical reviews, the discovery of racists, uneducated morons, and death-fetishists in the Trump base and Republican following isn’t surprising.  But the presentation of their sheer glee at being the lowest form of scum on the American landscape is.  Streaming now.

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