Michelle Obama Says She Will Be On The Ballot in 2024

Michelle Obama says she won’t be left behind in the next election. According to a friend close to the former First Lady who may or may not have direct knowledge of the situation, Michelle is fed up with how soft the Democrats have become.

“Michelle wants the Democrats to be strong and loud and proud,” said the pal, “She thinks they should be more like Trump. Maybe they’d win more elections.”

She’s not sure exactly what she’ll be running for, but she hasn’t ruled out President:

“If Joe and Kamala don’t do the job we expect of them, I’ll have to run and oust them both.”

Polls say that a Michelle Obama Presidential run would get 90 million popular and 450 electoral votes, the greatest margin of victory since 2012.

If Biden performs well, Michelle says she’ll run for local office, Governor of Illinois, or possible the US Senate:

“Maybe I’ll move to Texas and take out Ted Cruz. He’s up again in ’24. Or maybe a romp through Kentucky for a shot at Rand Paul. Nobody likes him anymore, either.”

No matter what she decides, the polls are with her. Most Americans, other than the nutjobs who believe the satire articles calling her a man, think Michelle Obama has the qualifications, experience, and persona to make a great president.

“I might keep Kamala,” said Michelle, “she’s okay. I guess we’ll see.”

Hopefully, the American election system can be fixed by then so all the votes don’t get counted like they did this time. That could spell catastrophe for the Republicans.

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