Video Shows Obama Meeting With Dominion CEO


There are dozens of theories going around to explain former President Trump’s voter fraud accusations and how the alleged tomfoolery may have been pulled off.  From straight up photocopying ballots to magic voodoo rituals and finally Dominion Voting Systems, a tabulation company with a vaguely sinister name and stories nearly identical to the Will Smith 90’s hit movie “Enemy of the State” mixed oddly with the Robin Williams vehicle “Man of the Year.”

Maybe just a touch of “Electric Dreams.” Love her like a real woman, Moles.

Now some credibility may have crept into this otherwise paranoid schizophrenic theory.  A short video has appeared on the internet supposedly featuring former beloved President Barack Obama meeting covertly with Joe Barron, the CEO of Dominion.

The troubling implications of the minute-and-a-half feature filmed on a GoPro camera by an anonymous witness identified only as “Rudy G” are substantial since many of Trump’s older and almost pathologically gullible and delusional supporters get their news from random YouTube videos.  YouTube appeals to the stupidly-handicapped because it’s free, easy to click on with a brightly-colored logo, and provides jobs for conservative bunglenuts with lamebrained theories who would otherwise be living under a bridge.

“The very second I saw the video,” said 98-year old Jenny Talia of Queeferwind, Kentucky, “My life-alert bracelet went off.  I had forgotten how black he was.  I immediately called the police.”

“This video is absolute proof that Obama helped Dominion machines come alive,” commented John Guluv, a baseball-seam stitcher from Blumpkin Falls, Virginia. “People think movies like Short Circuit were just made up.  But that’s how they cover up how long they’ve been planning this.  Pretend it was just a cutesy comedy with Steve Gutenberg.  First it’s Trump and tomorrow it’ll be your coffeemaker killing you on your porch.  One time I swallowed a quarter and when I pooped it out it had a different state on it.”

It’s even more disturbing because Ohio’s looks like an ad for a Fleshlight.

Is the controversial video proof that Dominion and Obama had their hands in this election?  No.  But the standard trumptard must remain vigilant. As Ronald Reagan once famously said, “The truth is out there. What was your name again?”

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