Biden On Obama: ‘We Are A Team and I’ll Need My MVP’

This is bringing the deep state back into the White House!

Joe Biden has decided to make former President Barack Hussein Obama an integral part of his transition team, and possibly a major part of his administration, helping with policy formatting. 

Biden’s thought was that he and Obama made a great team from 2008-2016, he’d like to continue that success and keep the formula that worked for them during the Obama administration.

It’s proving to be a controversial decision in the current Trump administration.

Obama’s foreign policy was not popular with the Trump team, and they changed every bit of Obama policy during the Trump administration. Trump administration officials believe this is a way the Biden team will erase Trump’s legacy, and when Obama was asked about it, he snickered and said “Let’s see how he likes it”.

The Trump administration has started a lawsuit against the Biden transition team to keep Obama off the payroll as it sees Obama as a security risk after spying on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Trump officials have made numerous statements about their concern about the former President since Trump took office in January of 2017. Donald Trump tried to take the high road, not bringing up his predecessor until Obama kept meddling into the Trump administration’s affairs and policies.

Apparently, Obama forgot he wasn’t the president any longer and nobody cared about what he thought, including the American people who loved President Trump.

Presidential historian Joseph Barron couldn’t believe that Biden hired Obama as a major part of the Biden transition. He said the Trump transition team had zero experience and still even 4 years later, still do not have key roles filled.

“It’s almost has Biden is taking being the leader of the free world seriously or something, almost like he has the intention of actually doing the job of being president, huh, weird….” Barron said.

Any semblance of normalcy or competence is welcome at this point.

As with every other lawsuit the trump administration has filed, this will fail too. Trump’s incompetent behavior the last four years left expectations low for any incoming administration.

Trump’s absolute disdain for Obama and anything that could be considered doing any actual work as a presidential administration be damned, as no matter what, this is happening. No temper tantrum can change it at this point. God help America.

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