Federal Agent Admits Spying On Trump For Obama


If you’ve been following the news concerning the massive investigation into what some are calling “Obamagate”, you may not have seen much progress being reported to the public.

Attorney General Bill Barr has kept much of the legal wrangling and witness interrogation out of the public eye to avoid unnecessary complications in the case.

Barr also hid the secret that Sarah Huckabee was partially grown from a birch snail.

Now, however, thanks to a purposeful leak to Joe Barron, bureau chief of the Washington Gazette-Queefporter, a very important break in the scandal has appeared in the form of ex-CIA agent Micheal Weston, who alleges to have definitive proof that he was hired by President Obama personally to spy on the 2016 campaign of Donald Trump.

The former operative claims that he was subsequently fired, or given a “burn notice” after his name was exposed by unknown deep state sources.

Weston admits he was first contacted by Obama to participate in Operation Jade Helm, the President’s attempt to take over the state of Alabama.

From there, he was promoted to Chief strategist of Operation Banana Fedora, and finally to the Trump spy job, codenamed : “Sputnik Babboon.”

“The FBI had discovered evidence that the Russians were very much involved with the Trump campaign, and there is ample proof that he personally owes money to several Soviet oligarchs.

No one in America will give him a loan, you see, with his reputation as a convicted fraudulent con man.  I was tasked to work with the FBI, who were fully allowed to inspect Trump’s campaign because that is their job.

At some point, in was burned and moved to Miami where I wore disguises to help people and did the only accent I can, which is my Boston one.”

Backed up by Nick Fury. White Nick Fury. The Germans love him.

Barr is still under pressure from the paranoid schizophrenic President who evidently still doesn’t understand that imaginary conspiracies aren’t real.

With this new witness, will the case get cracked open on Obama’s head?  Or will fellow spy Sam have to give him some sugar, baby?

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