Michelle Obama Hired By PBS For Children’s Educational Programming

Won’t they think about the children????

Michelle Obama, former First Lady, and wife to 44th president has been hired by the Pubic Broadcasting Service (PBS) to create children’s educational programming, Obama’s office, and PBS announced in a joint statement. 

The former First Lady will be educating children on history, civic rights, and civil rights.

Obama said she is very excited to take her message of tolerance and inclusion to children all over the country and beyond. She will be hosting episodes of her own as well as appearing on Sesame Street and other programs throughout the influential broadcast channel.

Michelle Obama loves the opportunity to be able to reach out and teach children about the important issues affecting them and our country.

PBS programming director Sandy Batt and head of talent relations, Joseph Barron have said they are excited and proud to have Michelle Obama on the PBS team.

“She’s such a wonderful, smart woman, and we know she will do an excellent job!”

PBS is known to have a very liberal bias, and the worry about liberal indoctrination is a very big concern, most conservative parents are saying.

“What kind of liberal nonsense will she be teaching our children?!?” wonders 67-year-old Karen Fromundaslut, a resident from Short Hairs, New Jersey.

Mrs. Fromundaslut is concerned about liberal bias being taught to children. Not her children, who are all grown and hate her now, but other children in her neighborhood that can’t stand her as well.

“That old hag is creepy and weird!” says 7-year-old Emily.

PBS programming has been in classrooms and at home for children for decades, with a real big push in 1969 with the invention of Sesame Street.

Since then, ignorant, stupid conservatives have been screaming about the network teaching their children not to be racist trash and teaching them how to be good citizens. I’m sure you’ll all clutch your pearls at this as well.

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