Oprah Makes Surprise Appearance at Obama Rally


Blumpkin Lake, Florida : Obama’s drive-in rally to boost the Presidential campaign of his friend and former Vice President Joe Biden took an exciting and unexpected turn yesterday when megastar and daytime talk diva Oprah Winfrey surprised the thousands-strong crowd with her presence, whipping the throng of supporters into a near frenzy.

Winfrey took the stage at six O’clock and stole the thunder for more than an hour.

Comedian Emo Phillips also appeared, but by then everyone was already home and technicians were deconstructing the stage around him.

The Democrats boast a large contingent of celebrity Hollywood supporters, but thus far none have actually made a personal campaign appearance.

With Biden pulling ahead in the Golf Cart State, the cameo will no doubt only add to the popularity of the man who seeks to throw President Trump out on his fat fake ass and into a pig slop trough.

Winfrey’s personal assistant Joe Barron released a video of the event to the star’s “O” channel this morning, where it garnered the highest ratings since the debut of the network’s flagship program : “Dr. Phil Bitches Out Teenagers.”

“This election is super important!”, the millionaire gabster cries out powerfully.  “This isn’t about Democrats or Joe Biden!  This is about throwing out the most incompetent dipshit that’s ever fouled the White House!

My good friend Barack Obama didn’t break the law or let a virus kick him in the dick!  He was a real President!   That’s why we’re here for Joe!  We need a real leader and not an overweight bag of human hamburger helper like Trump wobbling around embarrassing America!

Let’s all work together and dump this idiot shitchimp into history’s toilet where he belongs and flush twice!”  Winfrey then shocked the crowd by giving each and everyone in attendance a brand new DeLorean.

Yes, it was the Hot Wheels version of the crappy one from Back to the Future 3, but free is free.

The Biden campaign was already boasting some pretty big guns with President Obama, but it looks like they’re heading hard into the endgame now with Oprah.

Who else might show up next during this crucial week?

You’ll have to drive up and see for yourself!

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