Trump Was Repeating Obama’s Trashing Of Soldiers, Not His Own

The truth is right there in front of you

Donald Trump was accused of making disparaging remarks towards the military, but the remarks weren’t his, sources say. They were Obama’s. 

Donald Trump was simply repeating Obama’s remarks, and he caught all of the flack for it. It’s yet another disgusting attack on our all America loving president, and the liberal media is running with it, and not crediting the real culprit, Obama.

The remarks came when President Donald Trump was in France to deliver remarks at a cemetery for American soldiers killed in World War I. Donald Trump was speaking to aids on how he loved the military and the soldiers and was ready to deliver a somber speech about the sacrifices these brave soldiers made when he quipped about what Obama has said.

Of course, the left-wing liberal media left that part out. They’ll do anything to hurt our amazing, wonderful president.

Trump was simply showing what he thinks Obama would have said, had Obama not shown up at the cemetery because he was afraid his hair would get wet, but Obama doesn’t have Trump’s hair.

It takes a strong man like Trump to go into public and national television with a rat’s nest and pretend he’s not bald. Trump is that kind of man.  Obama wouldn’t be able to pull off such a feat!

Two of the attendees, Joseph Barron and Sandy Batt, both of who are the grandchildren of the brave soldiers who fought in the battle and lost their lives, were not shocked Trump didn’t show up.

“He’s the leader of the free world and he projects strength, so much so that a little thing like rain prevented him from attending.” 

When Trump said he was only repeating Obama, they both rolled their eyes and said “Bullshit” and walked away.

Most normal people would have figured out by now that Trump will blame anything on Obama to take any heat of off himself, but he knows that the tangerine faithful will believe anything he tells them, so his support amongst them is pretty safe.

But when it comes to Americans who aren’t distracted by shiny things and flashy lights and crappy slogans, he might just be in pretty deep double. But we roll blame in on Obama, that way it fits the narrative.

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