Obama Blasts ‘Trump’s Record National Debt’


It’s not something the Trump campaign is rushing to bring up during the divisive 2020 election season, but It does remain a fact that the national debt of the United States has skyrocketed under the President’s watch to record levels.  It stands at over 24 trillion dollars and rising, a figure that for the first time in history, is greater than the sum of the entire economic output of the country.

That’s about twice the amount of money lost by every shitty Dinesh D’Souza movie.

Former President Barack Obama, during a speech at the Joe Barron Center for Only Beloved Presidents, tore into the morbidly obese leader, calling him the architect of the deficit, citing his unnecessary spending jaunts, taxpayer-funded golf and vacation trips, scams involving his personal hotels, and ridiculous tax cut benefiting the top two percent of billionaires.   His scorching indictment went viral across the internet and energized the Biden/Harris campaign.

“I want you to imagine taping two hundred dollar bills together.  Okay?  Imagine doing that until so many of them are taped together that they can reach from the earth to mars.  That?  That’s three trillion dollars.  Trump has run up that more than seven times over.  Like every other Republican in history, Trump doesn’t care what happens to America’s economy once he’s out of office, and is counting on his pea-brained intellectually handicapped supporters to not understand either, until in five years they’re chewing on washcloths for protein.  The unbelievable debt is yet another example of the irreparable harm this dipshit has inflicted upon the country through sheer stupidity and incompetence.  I just hope the normal people will vote him into a prison cell where he belongs in November.”

Powerful words from the President that remains far more liked and respected than the bankrupt phony businessman who was legally convicted of fraud.  Some butthurt and nonsensical twitterstorms are sure to follow from the Oval Office bathroom.

“Welp. Time to call that team of plumbers again.”

It was George W. Bush’s vice President Dick Chaney who famously stated that “debts don’t matter.”  He later walked away free after that administration crashed the economy.  Let’s hope Trump doesn’t.

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