Obama : ‘Legally, An Impeached President Can’t Appoint Judges’


In his legal standing, former President Barack Obama is more or less the foremost Constitutional law authority in the United States.  This weekend, he may have brought up a devastating wrinkle to President Trump’s outgoing plans for the Supreme Court as well as all of the lower jurisdictions.

The impeachment may also affect Trump’s chances of getting that job sweeping up the lot at the Piggly Wiggly in a few months.

According to an interview with Joe Barron of the Washington periodical Impeached Embarrassments Monthly, Trump lost his constitutional permission to assign or appoint any person to any legislative body of any kind after he was permanently and forever impeached in the course of his first and soon to be only term in office.  Obama made the statement clear by citing code within the Constitution referring to the penalties of being a failed and disgraced commander in chief.

“Ah, if you folks look up Article eleven, section five, you’ll see very clearly where it denies any person elected to the Presidency and then consequently legally impeached by the Congress, all power of appointment that may ‘take responsibility for decisions in a manner that reflect the shame and disgrace of a leader who was shamed with the criminal reflection of his station.’  In other words, ah, it’s similar to denying a convicted prisoner the right to vote.  It’s a legally-valid label of untrustworthiness.  I mean, come on, you wouldn’t let someone who caused a dozen traffic pileups to drive a car the next day, right?”

Would you just go ahead and let Nic Cage make another Ghost Rider movie after everything you know now? And frankly, knew then before they even made them?

Both Obama and his incredibly popular and successful wife Michelle are lawyers, despite many semi-mutated followers of Donald Trump believing they are unable to practice.  Although, to be fair, these are mostly the same people who fervently believe that little people live inside their radios and sing thanks to witchcraft.

While it is permissible, barely, for the, again, permanently impeached President to travel from the White House to any destination within ten miles on his own, it is usually frowned upon due to Trump’s grain silo-like shape and weight.  Sometimes you just have to play the impeached cards that you’re impeachedly dealt.

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