Malia Resists During Drug Arrest Screaming, ‘Do You Know Who I Am?!’

The truth is right in front of you

Notorious malcontent, Malia Obama, has been arrested yet again for the possession and the intent to distribute the dangerous drug known as bloogies. Determined to not be caught, she fought the police, but was ultimately taken down and arrested.

Eyewitnesses said the scene was chaotic. Malia was said to be high on bloogies herself and was relentless in her attempt to evade the police.

Joe Barron l, a passerby, witnessed the scene and gave us his account:

“I was just walking down the street after eating dinner at the local Applebee’s and I saw the police surrounding this woman. She looked very violent, as if she was possessed. It was really quite scary.

I stayed to keep an eye on the events, in case a witness would be needed. I was sure to keep my distance though.

The police ordered her to get on the ground, but she didn’t listen. Then she charged one of the officers and was screaming words that I couldn’t understand. They were quick to use their tasers in her and she was quickly taken to the police car.

It was definitely a traumatizing experience. Someone acting like that was definitely not raised right.

I hope she can get the help she needs before she ruins her life.”

This is just another example of a Democrat criminal. Democrats don’t have morals or values. It really is that black and white. Democrats bad. Republicans good. They have no respect for the rule of law.

We need to vote all of these morally bankrupt Democrats out of office. They are disobedient to God himself and should offend all God-fearing patriots everywhere.

This is why we are lucky to have such a holy man as President. A man who has never broken a single law, never cheated on his wife, a man who has never been accused of sexual misconduct, a man that surrounds himself with lawful Christians, and a man who goes to church every day.

Donald Trump is the man of God that this country needs.

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  1. Oh, bollocks! No one, esp any Republican, speaks like that ” after eating dinner at the local Applebee’s..” and “she was quickly taken to the police car.” No way. It would have been “eatin’ supper at that Applebee’s right there” and “then they throwed her in the car”.

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