Obama Calls Trump ‘Shameful and Ignorant Toddler’


Last night’s first electoral debate between incumbent President Trump and challenging candidate Joe Biden was a spectacle to say the least.  While the Democratic candidate fared well but came off dull as he made his case for a leader based in reality, his bloviating and inaccurate counterpart spent the ninety minutes interrupting, insulting, and inventing crap while calling a dangerous racist organization to arms.

Imagine your grandpa and Nicolas Cage yelling at each other for an hour and a half.

President Barack Obama called the overweight overseer out, referring to him as an : “obnoxious, shameful, and ignorant imbecile”, and opined that he was : “surprised the handicapped old psychotic didn’t just start shouting in German” during the event.  Obama had more comments about the chaotic verbal boxing match for Joe Barron of CNN’s aftershow, Joe Versus The Shitcano. 

“Joe might not have been at his best, and yes, he faltered at times when the plumpmonkey started insulting his veteran son and lying outright about botching his Covid response.  But it was nothing compared to him interrupting and shooting out his first grade insults, his flying the banner of racist groups, even shouting their names, for God’s sake, and trying to rewrite history for an hour and a half.  I think Trump doesn’t understand ‘rules’ for a debate in the first place because he’s not used to having someone moderate – he’s used to his Klan rallies.  Last night he simply became one of those wackjobs that security throws out of a mall for randomly screaming at teenagers about ‘That rap music’ in front of the Orange Julius. “

Trump’s medical team has admitted that the President was immediately treated following the debate for a near overdose of adderall, two heart attacks, and dandruff-related mental illness issues.  Conversely, his vice-presidential opponent was returned to his rejuvenation hub to have his circulatory fluids cleaned and replaced before returning him to storage.

Trump was returned to his handler, who quickly attended to his toiletry needs and fed him a fresh bowl of kibble.

What did you think of the incredibly ridiculous and possibly most childish debate of all time, beating even 1992’s argument over cafeteria cookies at Sandy Batt Elementary school in Hoboken?  Like Obama, don’t be afraid to call a psycho a psycho.

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