Obama – ‘Trump Responsible For More Deaths Than 9/11’


Former President Barack Obama hasn’t taken his supposed retirement from the public eye lightly.  He’s been easily one of President Trump’s most outspoken critics, especially in the last two years, blasting America’s morbidly obese leader on everything from foreign policy to his personal remarks on Twitter.

Pundit Tucker Carlson admits he reads Trump’s Twitter feed without pants and surrounded by a selection of lotions.

In the latest of the Dusky Do-gooder’s criticisms, Obama remarked that according to numbers, Donald Trump’s bungling of the response, and consequent admittance to that bungling, of the response to the Coronavirus pandemic is responsible for far more deaths than the deadly attack on 9/11.  You know, just because it’s a completely accurate statement doesn’t mean he had to go and rub it in like a jerk.

Sandy Batt, who is tasked with manipulating reality to excuse Trump’s constant irrational garbage at the State Department says that Obama is not only black, but wrong and gay.

“Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about, despite his so-called ‘experience’ with eight years of the presidency and successfully coping with nation wide pandemics.  President Trump never tried to cover up what he knew.  That’s not his voice in those recordings.  We have definitive theoretical proof that Nancy Pelosi and George Soros used an actor similar to vocal chameleon Rich Little to simulate the statements.  We all agree that a lot of people died during the attacks of 9/11 and many many times more have succumbed to the virus.  That’s not the President’s fault.  Its China’s.   That’s our talking point.  I’ve already emailed Sean Hannity on that.  China’s fault.  I don’t care what any black, gay, China-loving President says.  And anyway, many of his supporters would be honored to die for Trump.  Ask one.”

D.C. comics personality Darkseid has asked the Trump campaign not to use the “Die for…” slogan he has already copyrighted.

Obama made the controversial statement in his living room to his family during the season five portion of a family Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon.  He followed up with : “If Glory only wins by doing that ritual at that time on that night, why doesn’t Buffy just steal a steamroller and smash up the site?  Couldn’t Willow just teleport Dawn away?  Or fly her?”

While the former POTUS made many good points, the fact remains that Trump will blame anyone but himself for his mistakes.  And that’s the measure of a TRUE winner.

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