Michelle Calls Trump : ‘A George Zimmerman Racist’


As you’ve probably seen by now all over the cable and network news, not to mention social media, Michelle Obama’s fiery speech lit up the Democratic national convention this week.  The best-selling author and first lady had quite a few things to say to pump up the accolades of Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, but had quite a different tone when it came to President Trump and his alleged list of failures and prejudices.

“I can tell you one of those failures is noticing when someone is trying to tell you something. I love you, Trump Pappa.”

Polling particularly low among minorities after blowing countless racist dogwhistles and blaming them for all of his problems like the psychopath that he is, Trump continues to reduce his base down to landfills of still-loyal elderly insolvent morons.  The Democrats have wisely begun to take advantage of that weakness, starting with the trumptard’s favorite target and greatest fear, Michelle Obama, whose speech compared Trump to another slightly less infamous scumbag.

“There’s degrees of racist.  But I’d definitely put Donald Trump at George Zimmerman murderously racist.  When you refer to a movement of black Americans speaking out against unjust social and legal treatment, a proven statistic, as a ‘terrorist organization’, you might as well be gleefully running down the street in a Klan robe with a luger, itching to kill a teenager.  Trump is a racist sociopath, make no mistake.  There’s a lot of things you can’t be when you vote for Trump – Christian.  Smart.  Female.  And black. Let’s kick him into yesterday’s shit dumpster where he belongs.”

Zimmerman is widely recognized as God’s biggest mistake. Trump is close to taking that title this year.

Master of ceremonies Joe Barron led the first lady offstage and began scrubbing the events Facebook page clean of old unfunny blumpkin-slurpers tired “She’s a man!” comments and had each poster’s name sent to FEMA for future lobotomization.   Trumptards aren’t particularly bright or original when they are challenged with words or even bathing.

The speech ended in roars of applause and cheers and promised more to come from upcoming speakers.  It’s a confident assurance that not only is Michelle more of a woman than the plastic fish-mutant currently serving as first lady – She’s wiser too.  In the only language necessary.

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