The Complete List Of Lies Michelle Told At The DNC

How dare she????

Michelle Obama spoke for 18 minutes at the DNC convention. And that was 18 minutes too long. The lies, mistruths, hate, and discontent she sowed towards our president was off the charts. It was a nasty 18 minutes from what our dear President Trump would call a nasty woman. The fact that the DNC had her as a featured speaker shows one thing: Democrats have nothing but hate towards President Donald J Trump.

Michelle Obama said  “it is what it is” when speaking of the pandemic. Wrong. Lies. If it wasn’t for your husband sending over 100,000 of our ventilators to Wakanda during the Ebola crisis, we would have been prepared.

Michelle Obama said it’ll get worse if Trump is re-elected in November. Wrong again. He can make things a lot worse until November, and then even worse than that until January. Michelle Obama is underestimating our president and his drive to make America great again.

Michelle Obama talked about what it cost us to have Donald Trump as our president. Yet another lie. Donald Trump does not take a salary. The man does this all for free, he makes America great without a paycheck.

Now if you calculated the constant golf trips and what we’ve lost is this economy and how we are no longer viewed as trustworthy by any other nation in the world, the cost is astronomical. But we don’t count that, we will just talk about Trump not taking $400,000 a year and let the millions of dollars in golf trips alone.

And speaking of vacations, aren’t the Obama’s still vacationing on our dime and using our secret service? Michelle also talked about Trump’s wall. Well, that’s a lie too. The only wall Trump has built is around the White House, and that’s so he doesn’t have to run to his bunker every time he gets scared of something, like protesters or a journalist who’s not lobbing softball questions at him. Michelle Obama did nothing but lie about Trump, and we know it.

Presidential historian Joseph A Barron couldn’t believe what was coming out of Michelle’s mouth. It’s almost like she and the Democratic National Committee have nothing to do besides pointing out how great Trump has made America in his four years as a leader.

Maybe they’re jealous? Obama couldn’t have had a pandemic this size or lost this many jobs. It’s almost like he wasn’t trying. Maybe Michelle Obama doesn’t understand the meaning of MAGA. Maybe, just maybe, she does. And she just can’t deal with

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