Obama, Swift, Record Benefit Track For Planned Parenthood


What do you get when you put together the most popular pop music star in the country with the most popular President in recent history?  You get a hit single that’s burning it’s way up the Billboard charts and raising millions for Planned Parenthood outreach and medical centers nationwide.

Can we offer you a pamphlet about the fallopian tubes, nature’s dice-rollers?

It was an idea borne out of sheer chance meeting and spontaneous conversation.  At last month’s birthday bash held for Obama at his luxurious mansion, a karaoke booth had been set up in the residence’s Sharia Sunroom, and billionaire agent Joe Barron heard the happy birthday boy belting out a perfect version of the Public Enemy classic “Bring The Noise.”  He quickly motioned over his biggest client, songstress Taylor Swift, who insisted on getting a duet together to benefit the two celebrity’s shared passion, Planned Parenthood and the reproductive rights of women.  Swift spoke to Queefing Stone magazine about the collaboration.

“Oh my God, it’s like, always been a dream of mine to sing with a super famous President.  I mean, like, a REAL one, not that walking talking shitbag Trump.  Bara-Bar is just such a cool guy.  I’m almost jealous of Michelle.  He’s got a great voice too and we really wanted to give something back to an organization that stands up for the rights of women like Planned Parenthood.  I’m just really grateful to our fans and God for giving me this opportunity.  Rock on, America!  Baby, just SAY it!”

No. No, not you. You just don’t say anything.

The track, an updated cover of the Nine Inch Nails single “Head Like a Hole” is dedicated to impeached President Donald Trump, and the video, available online at ITunes and YouTube features footage of the morbidly obese leader stumbling, drooling, and acting like the complete mental defective he’s proven himself to be to normal people who aren’t trapped in his cult of dimwitted morons.

It looks like Swift and Obama make a formidable team, both in popularity and fundraising.  Could the magic strike a second time?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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