Obama Convention Video Calls Trump : ‘Mentally Handicapped’


For much of his tenure as President of the United States, Donald Trump has had to push back against accusations of a deteriorating and irrational mental state.  Many millions have wondered why, with some of his more obvious out-of-touch-with-reality comments and actions, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congress hasn’t yet invoked the 25th amendment to remove him from office.

Or we could just put a load of Alka-Seltzer in a quarter pounder and see if it makes him explode.

This week, during the Democratic national convention, intelligent and far superior President Barack Obama appeared in a pre-recorded video message, urging voters to : “Turn against Trump, an unhinged and mentally handicapped individual.”

Democratic official Sandy Batt explained that the statement wasn’t meant to be insulting or demeaning in any way.  Just: “A simple statement of truth.”

“If Trump was anyone else – your lawyer or your next-door neighbor, for example, and started musing about nuking hurricanes, swallowing ultraviolet lights, or describing things that didn’t happen like Obama pushing the FBI to spy on him out of political ambition, or things that are physically impossible, like millions of dead people voting and World War 2 ending a year after World War 1, you wouldn’t want to come anywhere near him.  I know it’s a Karl Rove thing to accuse the other candidate of that which yours is guilty of, so the trumptard pig trough is alive with pretending Biden is demented.  It’s not working.  Not when a brain has atrophied so obviously and publicly like Trump’s has.”

Experts agree that more penicillin is growing on Donald Trump’s brain than in the refrigerators of every Olive Garden combined.

Although the President’s personal physician has vouched for his sanity, the problems with such a defense are twofold.  One, it’s the word of his “personal” doctor, sworn by oath to perhaps, not reveal anything detrimental that his patient doesn’t want revealed.  And two, why would such an assurance be necessary in the first place if reasonable doubt didn’t exist?

Some pundits on the right are calling the video “desperate” and are pretending to be offended by it, as always.  Nevertheless, America will decide in November if Trump is nuttier than a fruitcake.

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