Push To Make Obama’s Birthday National Holiday Growing


As President Barack Obama’s popularity continues to grow at an exponential rate during his retirement from the Oval Office, so does a popular viral movement started by two Democratic lawmakers to have his birthday declared a yearly national holiday.  If it continues at this rate, August 4th might be marked on America’s calendars from here on in as “Barack Obama Day.”

Spearheaded by senators Sandy Batt and Joe Barron, the proposal has already netted far more signatures (Over three million) than are needed to add the national honor to the 2020 ballot.  By contrast, a similar movement designed to add current  President Trump’s image to the Mount Rushmore monument has resulted in less than 18 people signing in the affirmative, with six of those done in crayon by the Huckabee family.

“Can I do it over? MY crayon melted from my eye beams.”

Only two previous American Presidents have had the honor bestowed upon them, Washington and Lincoln, and neither of those were known for the sense of humor, class, and grace of the 44th beloved national leader.  The Franklin Mint has already reported a production run of commemorative collector’s plates to celebrate the event, each one embossed with the President’s image on the front, and a reproduction on the reverse of his Nobel Peace Prize, an award that Mr. Trump will never receive unless he makes one himself out of his own saliva and his collection of beer cans, which is not a stretch of the imagination at this point, given his unbalanced psyche.

In accordance with the honor, Obama will also be featured on the upcoming remodel of the ten dollar bill, as well as a new postage stamp, a statue in front of the Lincoln memorial, and placement on every American home’s front door, which experts believe will cause diarrheal outbreaks in the states of Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee, which should provide months of laughter.

Meanwhile, in Florida…

Let’s all be proud Americans and send congratulatory notes to our most beloved modern leader.  Just remember to do it safely from home so you don’t fall victim to the Trump Plague of 2020.

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