Obama Affair Scandal With Younger WH Staffer Revealed

The gall of this man!!!

During an investigation into the Obama administration, it was discovered that Obama had an affair, during his time in the White House, and that the affair took place inside the White House. The revelations of the affair shocked the investigators who believed Obama would never have done something like this.

There were letters, emails, cards, and other items Obama had kept in what he thought was a secure area of the White House that he never removed when he left in 2017. The thinking behind him leaving the items must have been the thought that Hillary would have won the election and he’d still have access to the People’s House.

He was wrong, and the evidence was left.

Most people thought he had a rock-solid marriage with Michelle, but this proves that this is not the case. Obama pledged his love to this woman, who is only known as Alexandra at this point.

He even proposed marriage, even though he himself is married. This concerned the investigators, thinking Obama may have been attempting polygamy during his presidency.

There were other, shocking, saucy, scandalous statements in the correspondence between the two lovers. Statements about the Oval Office and what may have taken place on the presidential desk.

Even talk of cavorting in the Lincoln room.  Head investigator Joseph Barron couldn’t believe what he was reading.

The brazen acts from Obama, right under his wife’s nose, in the house of the people, it was just shocking and disgusting.

The alleged affair either happened during his entire presidency or years before he met Michelle. Maybe both.

We just don’t know.

What is known, is that Obama had a relationship with another woman who wasn’t his wife, and that should concern every single American who totally looked past all of Trump’s extramarital affairs. Especially the ones he paid for.

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