Obama Admits That Kamala Harris Is Ineligible To Run

Barack Obama made a serious error in judgment when he gave an interview to an Antifa-friendly newspaper in his home town of Chicago.

In the interview, the former president and habitual liar was discussing Joe Biden’s pick for VP, Kamala Harris.

According to the interview, Obama slipped up and admitted that Harris is ineligible to run for President or Vice-President because she was born somewhere else:

“Kamala and I share a deep bond because of our background. She was born in the same country I was, but to some people, that means we aren’t good enough to hold office in the United states.”

Boom! there you have it, folks. Obama just admitted that Kamala is as big a fraud as he is, stating flat-out that she was born in the same country he was.

We can only assume that means Kenya, since that’s where Trump says Obama was born.

The Democrats were quick to jump on the story, saying the quotes were taken “out of context” and that right-wing news outlets have been omitting some of his words.

Apparently, after admitting she was born in the same country he was, Obama finished with “Right here in the United States.”

Specialists have examined the footage and found that while he may have said that, it was too little too late, because everyone knows once you say something you can’t take it back or add to it. It’s the law.

Now we know for sure that we have a quote we can use to throw at the libs whenever they say “She’s an American.”

Sure, commies. She may have been born here, but there’s no proof that she wasn’t also born in Kenya, just like Obama.

Trump has ordered William Barr and the DOJ to seek out Kamala’s Kenyan birth certificate, even if they need to make one up. “It’s in the best interests of Democracy,” Trump said, “we need to engineer the truth now before it’s too late and a woman has authority over us.”

God bless you, Mr. President.

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