Michelle Obama Loses It Over Biden’s VP Pick, Claims It Was ‘Hers’

Temper, Temper!!!

Michelle Obama has a complete meltdown over Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris for Vice President. Obama claimed it was hers, she was promised that Vice President nomination and not Kamala Harris. She said after many talks with the Biden camp, plus six figure donations, that she, and not Harris should be the Vice Presidential running mate. 

To say the snub angered her is putting it lightly.

Obama has been clamoring for the job since 2018 when she first started floating the idea of making a political run. She knew the top of the ticket would be a no go considering how decisive her husband’s presidency was, but as a Vice President, she could make her own political waves. She was stunned by Biden’s pick. Stunned, upset, and very angry.

When she first heard the news, Michelle sat there, scowling.  Barack Obama, her husband, put his hand on her shoulder and she pushed him away. When he further tried to calm her, she lashed out, throwing a punch at the former president. She connected with a right hook, sending him flying across the floor. Obama Family Spokesman Joseph A Barron said he was legitimately afraid after Michelle punched a hole in the wall.

She screamed and yelled obscenities, even declining collect calls from Malia who was still in lock-up for her latest arrest at a Black Lives Matter event where she spat upon a police officer. Michelle was angry. How dare that crotchety old man Biden to go against her wishes???? He wouldn’t even be in this position if it wasn’t for her husband. This was embarrassing, costly, and hurtful for the former First Lady.

She was adamant about her position and that she was supposed to be on this ticket. Millions of dollars and even pretending to like Biden and this is how he repaid her. She picked up a chair and smashed out a window with it. There was no denying her anger, and Biden was lucky he hadn’t left his basement in Delaware because she would have come for him, consequences be damned.

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