Michelle Obama: ‘I Would Have Been a Better President Than Trump’

The truth is right in front of you

Former First Lady Michelle Obama just can’t let go of the fact that President Donald Trump has been far more successful at everything than Barack Obama ever was.  She has now gone as far as to say that she would have been a better President than our Dear Leader.

As if.

The truth is that she wasn’t even close to what our current First Lady is.  In fact, it is a safe bet that every one that is falling all over themselves when they talk about Michelle Obama cannot name a single accomplishment that she had aside from marrying the right guy and falling into vicarious power with him.

Michelle Obama’s spokesperson Hannah Smith explained all of the ways that Michelle Obama would have been a better President than Donald Trump.

“Mrs. Obama clearly would have been a better President than Donald Trump.  Yes, she said that.  Hell, just about any one of you that is actually reading this quote would have been a better President than Donald Trump.

She is intelligent, strong, and empathetic.  She is graceful and well-spoken.  As a lawyer, she is a shrewd negotiator, but understands that she would need to have the counsel of experts in their various fields.  She is not intimidated by the fact that she doesn’t know everything.

She would have listened to her advisors.  She would have been a President for all Americans, not just her base.  She would have listened to the doctors and worked with other countries to try to completely suppress COVID-19 instead of ignoring it if it affected her polling numbers.

She would have taken complete responsibility for all of her failings and shared her successes, just like her husband did.”

Words spoken from pure jealousy.  Donald Trump has done more than any President in history when it comes to foreign affairs, especially in building a relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin.  His tax cuts have led to stock buybacks and the highest stock market numbers of all time and the best economy ever.

If she were to run for President against Donald Trump, it would be an even bigger win than he’ll have against Sleepy Joe Biden.  Keep America Great Again and put President Trump back in office.

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