Michelle Obama Called Melania Trump a ‘Useless Gold Digger’ And The DNC Covered It Up

The Democrat National Convention had to censor Michelle Obama’s hate-filled speech after she called Melania Trump a “classless whore” and a “useless gold-digger.”

If you watch the speech, you’ll see that she cuts out at the 17:22 mark and then again at 23:51. According to our sources who may or may not have seen the edited footage, that’s when the slurs happened.

As for the rest of the speech, Republicans across the country are slamming the former first lady’s use of truth, facts, and reality to attack President Trump when she should have used the time to talk about the fictitious Burisma investigation and Biben’s obvious cognitive dysfunction, no matter how much of a blaoted lie that might be.

Senator Lindsay Graham said he was utterly disgusted:

“In all my years I’ve never heard such rubbish. All this talk about hope and returning us to some sort of ‘normalcy.’ What does she want? A cure for the China plague and a booming economy? Those things aren’t as important as suppressing the vote so the Republican minority in this country can continue to change the rules to stay in power.”

Mitch McConnell said he’d never heard such a pitiful speech:

“The American people (incoherent mumbling) the Democrats (incoherent mumbling) and we won’t stand for it. (Incoherent mumbling) lkeep the senate and make sure Biden gets nothing done for his one and only term (incoherent mumbling.)”

Melania Trump had little to say, other than to show her disappointment:

“Meechelle is not be best. Her speech was nice. It will be better best next week with Slovenian accent.” She not best. She be bully. No be bully, Meechelle. Be Best.”

President Trump said he’s looking into having the entire DNC wiped from the airwaves, calling on the FCC and FDIC to revoke their licenses:

“A lot of people have told me a lot of things. A lot of things. One is that they love what I’ve done with clean coal. They said ‘Sir, clean coal is on the way back’ and I have to say, I was a big part of that. I was loved in Memphis in 2015. And that means that there should be more of the same. More things like that. And this thing with Obama is a really disgusting thing. people don’t want it. They want them investigated. Obamagate is the thing and they don’t want Obama.”

He has the best words. God bless you and your lovely wife, sir. And God bless America.


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