Kamala Reinstates Obamas’ Law Licenses


Well, the big Demo-cat is out of the bag.  The liberal left had been waiting with baited vegan breath for the announcement of who would be joining candidate Joe Biden on the ticket to run against Trump in 2020.  The wait is over.  Should all odds be beaten, and socialism somehow win the day in November, San Francisco radical attorney Kamala Harris will be President of the United States if Mr. Biden should, oh, I don’t know, have a bad arthritis day.

Or accidentally swallows one of his Beanie Babies.

As the announcement was made to dozens of suspenseful liberals, Harris took to the stage of the Joe Barron Stadium in Oakland, California and gave a fiery speech, outlining her plans for a future in the executive branch.  To a round of deafening applause, Harris shouted that, surprise, as a token of appreciation for the honor of nomination, she had already reinstated the law licenses of fellow radical leftists Barack and Michelle Obama.  The boast was confirmed by the Illinois bar association.

The Obamas, as everyone gullible enough to support the other party with a life-long habitually-lying mentally handicapped con man and his cotton-topped milk baby of a holy-rolling psychopath minion would know, lost their licenses some time ago for some kind of criminal thing that no trumptard can actually pinpoint, prove, or explain.  But it totally happened, which is all they know for sure because they hate black people.

“Y’all know Obama’s school records been sealed because he was borned in Kenya and Muslim sleeped during Benghazi, right? I researched it with crayons and meth!”

Harris explained that she owed a lot to the Obamas for their support, and looks forward to including them in the future in all matters of state when she’s the President of the Senate and the second in command.

What could this mean overall?  Well, it could mean that a swift and powerful lawsuit could slam headfirst into the Trump administration on three fronts, should he attempt to further meddle with the electorial process.  A class action suit representing the American public against him for fraud could be devastating.  It definitely sounds like Democrats have a lot of Trump’s kryptonite on hand – lawyers.

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