Obama Calls RNC : ‘A Parade of Absolute Losers’


One of President Trump’s fiercest critics has, since day one of his tenure, been his predecessor Barack Obama.  The Nobel Prize winner has excoriated Trump’s blundered virus response, has savaged his nonsensical foreign policy, and has even had the stones to refer to him with insulting childish nicknames like “Fruitcake”, and “Fatzilla.”

Dinesh D’Souza still cries a little after that one time Obama called him “The Dondi No One Loves.”

Yesterday in an exclusive interview with Soros Radio’s Joe Barron of the Joe Barron Liberal Experience Show, Obama gave his opinion of the Republican National Convention, it’s whimsical guest list, and the quality of the discourse.

“It’s…it’s funny to me that more than half the guest speakers appear to be refugees from the Island of Doctor Moreau when his Fatness supposedly hates immigration.  Oh.  Oh, my bad, that’s his family.  I thought for a second those two boys of his were just random ‘after’ photos from a pamphlet about the danger of radiation on baby chimps.  You know?  What a complete confederacy of dunces that whole empty-headed shitshow is.  Did no one call Kelsey Grammar or Kirk Cameron?  I bet those two would have really energized that parade of Caucasian old raisins, am I right?  Oh, wait they have one black guy.  Hey, good for them.  It’s not even Carson.  Wow.  What did they do?  Light up the ‘Uncle Tom Signal’ on the roof?”

“Good day sir! May I interest you in some literature about why you shouldn’t fuck?”

The reference Obama was making, “A Confederacy of Dunces”, is a book by John Kennedy Toole that tells the disjointed tale of an idiotic fat moron and the various situations he becomes embroiled in.  Since it is a book made out of paper and words, experts believe no Trump supporter has ever read it.

Obama’s insulting message comes across though, even if he’s just trying to sound like a smarty pants as usual.  At least a group of so-called dunces would be better than a secret Kenyan Muslim.

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