Obama To Act As Own Attorney For Obamagate Trial


There’s an old saying in the lawyer business – “The man who represents himself has a fool as a client.”  I guess nobody told that old adage to Barack Obama.  He’s informed attorney General Barr and the prosecutorial bench for the Obamagate trial that he intends to act as his own legal defense during the entire length of the event.

There will be a halftime show featuring what’s left of Wang Chung. Which, unfortunately, is just Wang.

It’s well known that Barack and Michelle both have Harvard law degrees, and are incredibly smart and accomplished lawyers.  This will come as a shock to many of Donald Trump’s cavalcade of brain-dead douchebuggies who believe they lost their licenses to practice because they don’t understand how paper and rubber stamps and things like that work.  The average trumper can barely walk upright without instruction by flashcards.

Joe Barron of the Queefbury School of Law thinks that the former President stands an excellent chance at victory.

“Obama will be sitting in his home a week from now watching Netflix and relaxing with a beer.  You know why?  Because that’s what he’s doing now, because there isn’t any such thing as ‘Obamagate’ and there isn’t any such trial.  Obama committed no crimes.  Obama was not impeached.  Trump was because he’s literally a career criminal and the presidency is just the current part of that career.  Im sure somewhere right now there’s a trumptard at a mall getting an ‘Obamagate’ t-shirt made at a kiosk in an effort to alert anyone passing that he’s as stupid as a brick with tits.  It’s just how they are.”

This gentleman is a neurosurgeon in New York. No, just kidding. He lives in Kentucky and will lick any rough surface smooth for five dollars.

The fictional trial, which was set to begin on June 31st has been postponed until September twelvey-third.  Tickets will be available through the box office at Trump University.

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