CNN Hires Michelle, Condi, For Prime Time Show


CNN has had a ratings problem for some time now, falling behind it’s chief competitor Fox for countless seasonal quarters.  It should come as no surprise that they’ve recently taken to adopting one of the conservative entertainment network’s examples, reminiscent of the old “Hannity and Colmes” show – an hour long interview show with opinions from both sides, liberal and conservative.  And that show will be called : “Obama and Rice.”

Not as catchy maybe as “Clinton and Shitcakes.”

The brainchild behind the pairing is CNN’s head of the Break Room Joe Barron, who also discovered Don Lemon while the now famous host was still working at the Blooming Onion station at a local Outback Steakhouse.  Barron related what would set the show apart.

“Well, the first lady will be the headliner, obviously, since she is far more beloved and accomplished.  Condi is really just there to be the silly comedy dum-dum, trying to twist whatever pretzel of logic that Trump has tied himself into for the day into something resembling reality.  She’ll be the excuser, really.  We have some great segments coming up where Condi agrees to eat a raw potato every time Trump lies.  We’ll have medical staff standing by.  It’s sure to be a really interesting dichotomy with the wonderful icon Michelle Obama and a conservative closeted lesbian discussing the topics daily.  It’ll be like Beauty and the Beast every night.”

“That’s what I call my wife and daughter. Which is Which? Answer – doesn’t matter.”

The program has already booked a month’s worth of guests, including Hillary Clinton, Taylor Swift, and Donald Trump’s former Russian pimp Sergei Porkinurine.

Is the cable news network about to release another hit show into its proud nighttime lineup? Does the pair of gutsy and engaging ladies have what it takes to take on the absolutely cartoonish banter directed at the elderly and mentally infirm on its rival network?  A lot of Hollywood executives say it looks like a safe bet.  Let’s roll, Condi!

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