Michelle Obama Says People Against Masks Are Biological Terrorists

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

Michelle Obama has taken sides in the mask debate that’s raging across the United States, and she’s not being subtle about it. Michelle Obama said at a luncheon in Chicago that people who do not wear masks are “biological terrorists” and said it’s not an opinion, it’s fact. It’s not the first time she’s spoken out in this way, but calling fellow Americans terrorists is a new low.

The former First Lady’s comments come on the heels of several retail stores requiring face coverings in order to shop at their establishments. There is a massive pushback from conservatives on the new requirements and when Mrs. Obama was asked about them, she called the people who refused to wear masks “idiots, selfish and biological terrorists who don’t care about America”.

Sandy Batt, who is a conservative who happened to be in attendance at this event was shocked and horrified. She couldn’t believe her ears, how dare she be called a terrorist for simply not wearing a mask!  It’s her choice as an American and she doesn’t see herself as selfish, responding that she feels fine and only her parents and only one other kid have died because of the virus. “It’s simply the price of freedom,” she said.

Liberals have been chastising people for not wearing face coverings because liberals hate freedom. What does a face-covering do except for stop the virus in its tracks? Nothing. Liberals forget that it’s our right as Americans to get offers sick and simply not care about one another. Michelle Obama might be right, but good patriotic trump supporters will never admit to it. Besides, who are they really hurting?

Wearing a mask is simply too much for patriots. They should be able to walk into any place they feel and cough, sneeze, and spit talk their way through any establishment. The truth is, most trump supporters are against wearing these face coverings, and they’re infecting many other Trump supporters, literally killing them off and handing the election to Biden. And that’s the American way. 


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