Obama/Netflix To Debut ‘Benghazi – The Musical’


It’s been a profitable time for streaming internet service Netflix as well as it’s biggest name backer and content producer, former President Barack Obama.  With several projects under his belt, the newly retired entrepreneur has already made profits in the millions and plenty more is rolling in.  Now, however, the relationship is courting controversy with the announcement of its newest project, a lush musical feature based on the events of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and on the whirlwind of activity that followed.

Written by Obama and legendary composer Joe Barron, whose previous work includes the theme from television show “Small Wonder” and the soundtrack to feature film “Heartbeeps”, the musical, entitled : “Stand Down And Boogie Up!” has a three hundred million dollar price tag, and stars a virtual Hollywood who’s who of A-Listers.

David Hasslehoff has reportedly signed on as gun-toting action hero Joe Biden, who does his own singing for the number : “Hummus A Few Bars” about employees of the embassy’s cafe.

The plot centers around the aftermath of the attack and the ridiculous conspiracy theories and Republican propaganda that followed to turn four dead Americans into a running joke for disgusting old racists.  “Stand Down Tards” is the opening number, featuring David Schwimmer as Fox News host Sean Hannity crooning about simply inventing an order that never existed because his network’s viewers are : “Gullible sheep, gullible sheep, thicker than snot pits, twice as deep.”

The mid-feature number is a suite, performed during a mock up of an investigation pitting failed lawyer Trey Gowdy (Steve Buscemi) against heroic protagonist Hillary Clinton (Played by Angelina Jolie in what insiders are saying is an Oscar-worthy performance.)  The showstopping number : “Find Them!” refers to the phrase after Clinton’s infamous “What difference does it make at this point” utterance that adds perspective showing that the Secretary of State was focused on finding and capturing the terrorists more than idiotic Republican time-wasting games.

An angrily naked singing Lindsey Graham will be portrayed by actress and comedienne Margaret Cho.

The final number, “Fake Teabagger Outrage” brings the whole cast together onstage to sing about the resulting know-nothing dumbasses who cry about the attack like bitches while remaining silent when Bush goes free for starting two bloody wars killing thousands of troops unnecessarily and Donald Trump ignoring Russian bounties on military members to appease his monetary interests in the eastern European market.  The production is sure to be another massive hit among Netflix’s less douchey members.

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