Michelle’s Mom Cost Secret Service $18 Million This Year


If you remember much about the Obama White House, you probably remember a lot of hype about the budget inflating to deal with Barack, Michelle, their two daughters, and Michelle’s mother Abigail, who insisted on being a fixture in the residence.  Caring for the extended clan cost the taxpayer millions, with golfing resorts, vacations, and shopping excursions.

Well, to no one’s surprise, it’s still not over.

As a former President, Obama and his family are still afforded the luxury of secret service protection and security on John Q. Public’s dime.   And Mother Abigail is still running up the free tab, to the tune of nearly eighteen million dollars.

Her ex-husband George is living in a refrigerator box after his laundry business went under.

As the current residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Trump family have actually made that figure look like chump change, spending more on golfing in a year than Obama did during his entire two terms, first daughter Ivanka’s trips, tax breaks, and luxury outings, not to mention Jared’s appointments to jobs he’s unqualified for and access to loans from foreign sources to the tune of over a billion dollars because he’s as terrible a businessman as his con man father-in-law.

There’s also Trump’s massive tax cut that benefited his own finances as well as his friends’.   But trumptards look right past these, and will focus on a fictional tale of “Mother Abigail”, which never happened because they’re gullible twats.

Sandra Batt, head of the Obama family’s security detail, confirmed to the media that Michelle’s real mother, Marian Robinson, is simply retired and is not the subject of any financial scavenging.  In a brief fictional interview, Robinson told reporters that she: “Leaves things like scamming Americans out of their money to whoremongering racist criminals like Trump.”

Speaking of whoremongering racists, Kid Rock said something this week, and then went back to being completely forgotten by everyone except Mom Rock. Who kinda hates him too.

Mother Abigail is a different tale altogether.   Last seen in her spacious 200 acre farm property in central Nebraska, the senior citizen implored Americans with pure hearts to come and visit her.  Before Trump’s botched pandemic turns for the worst and he heads to Las Vegas to skull-fuck that city like he has every other he’s managed to lumber around in.

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