Ghislaine Maxwell Releases Photo of Obama with Jeffrey Epstein

The truth is right in front of you

There were rumors, but the truth is out right now. One man who has steered clear of the Epstein drama was Barack Obama. But that is no more.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney has tweeted the most damning photo of all, Barack Obama and Jeffrey Epstein, together, Obama’s arm over Epstein’s shoulder. The rumors aren’t just rumors anymore, and this is just he the tipping point.

For a very long time, there were rumors but no concrete evidence. But Donald Trump knew Ms. Maxwell for years and knew that Obama may have been part of their parties in Palm Beach, Florida but the upstanding man Donald Trump is, he didn’t want to start any rumors or innuendo about his predecessor. He has great respect for Obama and he’s been adamant about never speaking Ill of Obama in the past.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney, at the request of Ms. Maxwell, tweeted out the photograph of Obama and Epstein at one of Epstein’s many parties in Palm Beach. The photo seems to be from 2012, while Obama was running for his second term in office.

Epstein was an Obama financial backer when he was just a community organizer in Chicago before his senate run. Sandra Batt, an associate of Trump was not shocked at the photo. She’s seen him around.

What this means for Ms. Maxwell’s case is uncertain. She must stay incarcerated for a year prior to her trial, but this new revelation may work in her favor, as she’s being cooperative and giving investigators the info they’re looking for to prosecute as many high profile figures as they can, to send a message that this kind of behavior simply will not be tolerated.

The photo is certainly damning, however, and shows how low Obama has gone to try to gain power. As a matter of fact, Obama wore a Trump signature suit in the photo and looks to have gained about 200 pounds to match the current president’s shapely figure. If this is true, and we hope it’s true, we pray it’s true, Obama will finally get the justice he deserves.

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