Michelle Obama Says Donald Trump Is the Angel of Death

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

It’s a strange world out there right now with everyone, including political leaders coming out with statements on everything from the pandemic to the protests. Some are speaking out about the economy.

Michelle Obama said she covers all bases when she says,

“Donald Trump is the angel of death.”

The shocking statement came as she was handing out masks with Biden 2020 on them at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago.

When asked if she meant that statement, she glared and said, “I said what I said”, and repeated it again. 

Mrs. Obama, the former First Lady, has said some controversial things in the past when it came to her husband’s successor as president of the United States, but this one was amazingly hostile and she pulled no punches. She went on to disparage Trump, even more, calling him a maniac and that he really doesn’t care about the American population, it’s all about him and his ego.

Sandra Batt, who is a Trump supporter but was in attendance to hear anything that the former First Lady had to say was shocked and appalled.

“How dare Michelle Obama say such horrible things about our glorious dear leader? Trump has done his best to Make America Great Again and Michelle Obama is going to trash him like this? Did she forget who she was and the country that made her???” 

Batt was furious. She went full Karen and tried to destroy the masks before she was tackled by security and led off in cuffs.

What would drive Michelle Obama to say such a thing?  Is it the children locked in cages? Trump’s response to the pandemic? Trump’s nonresponse to his pal Putin putting bounties on our soldiers or telling his supporters not to wear masks? Why would she say these things?  It’s not like Donald Trump is leading our nation into ruin and celebrating confederate traitors who fought against America. It can’t be.  Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America.

Michelle Obama is also throwing shade at Trump by handing out face masks to people, masks that make Trump look bad. Donald Trump has said it himself, people who wear masks make him look bad. And we agree. Because had any other person been in charge of the United States during this crisis, they would have handled it very well and professionally and we wouldn’t be in the position we are in. And that is exactly why Trump needs that second term. To finish what he started.

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