Obama Group Sent Vans Full of Illegal Immigrants to Ballot Center

Lock him up!

An unassuming warehouse situated in the quiet rural town of Jolie, Nebraska was the scene of Democrats latest scheme to unseat our greatest President, Donald J. Trump. What happened there is proof that Obama will stop at nothing.

Reporter Sandy Batt of FOX affiliate station WKRP followed up on a tip that an Obama backed immigration group called ‘Can’t Deport Bruh’ (CDB) was sending vans full of illegals to the main Ballot Distribution Center (BDC) to intercept and alter them before they are dispersed to all 50 states. Using tools like Nancy Pelosi’s $58,000 impeachment pens, they quickly got to work. It was shockingly brazen.

The tip came from watchful patriot, Kaileigh McKaron. She is the founder of Women’s Trump Foundation.

“I knew they were up to no good. Not one of them would show me their ID when I confronted them,” she stated.

Internal documents from the Nebraska State BBB show that the warehouse is registered to an entity doing business as Umbrella Corp LLC. Further investigation lead to a tangled web of aliases and shell corps that seemed to run in circles but one thing is certain, Bill Gates is the true building owner. How he was able to acquire access to all the ballots in America can only be the doing of Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros.

From her well-hidden stake-out spot, Sandy and cameraman Joe Barron observed five vans filled with 10 illegals each arrive at the warehouse and enter. A faded Obama ’08 bumper sticker is displayed on one of the vans, openly mocking the illicit work being committed within. At the end of the day, they will have altered 100,000 ballots to reject all votes for Trump.

During the stake-out, Sandy encountered a local resident identifying himself as ‘Scooter’. When asked if he knew what nefarious deeds were being committed inside, he said: “Nah, that’s just a church donation processing warehouse. Good folks.” Obviously, a blind liberal sheep.

How is it that Obama continues to get away with these crimes? One word. The Deep State.

Check back as developments in this case continue to be exposed. We will prevail.

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Glori is a born again Christain and single mom to Brayden, Ayden, and Rayden. She was inspired by all-American woman, Sarah Palin and her virtuous daughter Bristol, to become a journalist. After 6 years of grueling dedication, she earned her BS.

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