Obama Laughed About Justice Scalia’s Death

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When Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in 2016, Senate Majority Leader Mitchard Gene McConnell fulfilled his patriotic and sworn duty to ensure that the next President would fill the seat. Even though McConnell had no choice in the matter Constitutionally, his choice of action made Barack Hussein Obama absolutely furious.

We have learned from a former Obama aide, Joe Barron, that Obama went into the meeting laughing about the death of Scalia to a mourning and solemn McConnell. We also learned that McConnell was open to holding hearings for Obama’s selection until this meeting.

“The first thing President Obama did was mock Scalia for his originalist view of the Constitution. McConnell was shocked but Obama actually doubled down. He called Scalia a ‘whiny little snowflake’ because Scalia was offended by women cussing.

Mocked his view on Roe v. Wade because ‘the Founding Fathers couldn’t get abortions.’

He said, ‘Guess what? Men still can’t get abortions!’

He said Scalia didn’t see gay rights as human rights. Called him a fake Christian since he was for torture and capital punishment. That he probably thought that we should still be able to own other human beings, since many of the Founding Fathers owned slaves.

Obama then mocked McConnell for believing that Scalia even belonged in a court as anything beside a defendant. That was when McConnell ran out of the Oval Office crying for his mommy. The best part was that Obama wasn’t wrong on any of what he said.”

In this rare case, we should be grateful for Obama’s incompetence since it angered McConnell to the point where he chose to not give in to the demands of a power-mad tyrant. Leader McConnell holds the Constitution and Americans above all else. It is our duty to keep this great man in office and a Republican majority so that he can lead our Senate forever.

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