Obama Received a Kickback from Iran’s $150 Billion Payout

The truth is right in front of you

Barack Hussein Obama signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement out of fear and was thought to have been bullied into paying them $150 billion cash delivered on several dozen pallets. The truth of what happened is far more sinister than that.

The 44th President of the United States of America was complicit with Iran and negotiated a kickback for the payment of 5 percent of the money, or $7.5 billion. The money was secured on Obama’s ranch in Yorba Linda, CA.

At the time of the nuclear agreement, the good Republican Senators did everything they could do to stop the tyrant from unilaterally giving the money away and compromising our national security.

Senator Joe Barron (R-ID) released a statement.

“His party gave him a free pass to do anything.  We were powerless to stop him.  We were willing to work with him if he just would have talked to us.  All he did was mock us and attack us on Twitter and call every cable news network that we talked to ‘fake news.’

It has been generally acceptable that Presidents do well financially after their terms on the speaking circuit but we have never seen anyone exploit their political position for profit ever before like this.  When we called him out on it, he went golfing.  I’ve never seen a President go golfing so much.”

The money was delivered to Obama in cash on 95 percent fewer pallets on a plane that was one-twentieth the size of the original plane flown to Iran and was piloted by midgets.  With this money, Obama is set to become the next head of the deep state once George Soros finally kicks off.

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